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Personal Sacred

Photo credit: Kaleb Eisele
Photo credit: Kaleb Eisele

This presentation occurred with participants taking time after doing the activities to talk in small groups about their experiences and what they took from them, sharing whatever they were comfortable with. Our recommendation is that you take a few days to go through the presentations and do the activities and take a friend or two along with you. However, if you go through the process by yourself, we are confident it will still be a meaningful journey.

Covid-19 challenges all of us. Uncertainty about jobs, school, relationships, and health plagues us. Over the millennia, humanity has faced uncertainty time and again. In the middle of this uncertainty, people have found tremendous strength and peace in connection with God. When isolated, they have found a friend who never leaves them.

This workshop series is here to help you connect with God so you can have the kind of relationship that gives you the ability to thrive in all circumstances. If you have struggled with finding ways to connect with God or if you want to deepen the relationship you already have.

Join Jonny Moor, Pastor of Healing Hope from 2017 to 2020 and doctoral student of discipleship and biblical spirituality, as he shares results of his research that will help you understand the unique ways you connect with God and open you up to your own personal experience of the Sacred.

May 29 "Personality and the Sacred"

Have you ever felt you just weren't spiritual enough or just wanted to connect more with God? What if the problem isn't you, but what you've been told spirituality looks like. This presentation explores researched factors that affect our experience of the Sacred.

Click here to view the Presentation and Handout Materials for Session 1.

May 30 "Attitudes and the Sacred"

Often we think if we think if we change something on the outside, everything will fall into place in our spiritual journeys. Sometimes though, it really is the inside that counts and certain beliefs and attitudes affect our experience more than we would ever guess.

Click here to view the Presentation and Handout Materials for Session 2.

May 31 "The Practical Sacred"

Experiencing the sacred falls short when it's just a rare or one-time occurrence. What best practices can you apply to your life going forward as you connect with God in your own unique way?

Click here to view the Presentation and Handout Materials for Session 3.

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