Healing Hope Seventh-day Adventist Fellowship

Focusing on Jesus so all can experience: Forgiveness - Restoration - Growth - Empowerment

Meet the Pastor

Most important about me as Pastor here, I feel truly fortunate to get to journey with this phenomenal group of humans doing their very best to focus on Jesus. If you want to know more, here are a few facts about me and my heart:

The Basics

  • I grew up 3 miles from our church by Centennial high school.
  • I now live with my wife, Heather, and dog, Leo, in North East Portland.
  • I enjoy cooperative strategy board games, basketball, watching movies and shows with my amazing, film-maker wife, reading or listening to stories, and hiking, running, and longboarding around Portland.
  • I have a Master of Divinity degree (Mdiv) from Andrews University and a Bachelor of Arts in Theology and Biblical Languages from Walla Walla University.

Spiritual Leadership

  • I have been helping people follow Jesus since 2004 when Jesus showed up in my life in a profound way, and pastoring in an official capacity since 2012.
  • I'm a dreamer, a teacher, a people-lover, and an idea-man.
  • I'm working as a pastor because I became aware of God calling me to it in 2008.
  • I value going to the deep stuff with people: doubts, questions, emotions, addictions, loss, if you are comfortable sharing, I am comfortable listening. I believe in being a conduit for the God who journeys with us wherever we find ourselves.
  • Nothing in ministry makes me happierĀ  than seeing people come alive as they realize the truths and purposes Jesus has for them.

Shoot me a text, 503-489-4854 or an email. Let's sit down and talk soon. My hope for you is that as we become friends, you are able to find in Jesus freedom from guilt, hurt, bad habits, and oppressive systems, and our church can help you along the way.

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