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Heart Help


Our goal with "Heart Help" is to reach out to those who have had potholes, roadblocks and detours in their life and consequently are experiencing emotional pain. We use small, safe, & confidential gender specific groups to help facilitate heart regeneration and the path to love, peace, joy, & happiness instead. If you want a true about face experience towards emotional wholeness, contact us for more info.


  • Binding the Wounds - 22 sessions. - With the use of videos, workbooks and group process, the understanding of negative emotions and tools to overcome them are provided and successfully experienced. This is a process whereby one can recover from the wounds received in childhood which plague our thoughts, feelings and behaviors and sabotaged our relationships and success. When participants fully invest themselves in the process, positive results are life changing. This series has a Christian point of view and includes quotes and exercises which include the Bible as their basis.
  • The Journey ​- four 10 session segments. - Life is indeed a journey through the potholes, roadblocks and detours of experience! In 4 – 10 session segments, sound science and psychology combine to teach participants needed information for positive change & recovery. The Journey concept for small groups is being used worldwide with great acceptance and personal successes.


The Journey’s Four Segments

  • # 1 The Passenger – focuses on your beginnings and how you develop your unique attachment style. Teaches what the 4 styles of attachment are and how science has shown these factors dramatically impact your life today. You will discover your style of attachment and how that relates to those around you with a different style and ultimately how to have a secure attachment.
  • # 2 The Mode – focuses solely on rejection and how to be free of the damage it causes. All of us have experienced rejection in some form or another. For some it comes very subtly and for others it is much more clear. However it is experienced, rejection is painful. As children we may have received rejection from the very people who were meant to care for and love us and we begin to tell ourselves, “There must be something wrong with me”. The damage of rejection sets us up for feelings of worthlessness, fear, anger, sadness or depression, an inability to connect with others and many other issues that keep us from living whole healthy lives. In addition, our responses to rejection are usually self-destructive as we harbor resentment and bitterness toward the people who have rejected us. This segment explores these issues and gives specific knowledge to help you begin to change the message of rejection to a message of belief in your own worth and value.
  • # 3 The Route – looks at the damaging childhood wounds of emotional, verbal, sexual and physical abuse. This segment will give you an understanding of how these abuses, if left covered and unspoken, cause devastating hurts that affect us now even though these abuses occurred long ago. The lessons gently guide you through steps toward healing, forgiveness and hope. 
  • # 4 The Destination – the final segment focuses on the heart/mind connection, relationships, and developing your spiritual nature. Rather than being at the end of the road, it is just the beginning of discovering the beauty that you long to experience.This program contains the latest in science based psychological information and is designed for participants of all spiritual walks as well as those who hold no particular beliefs about religion or God.

To find out when a group is starting in your area, contact Audrey​